Buddy Vibration Watch Black


The Buddy Vibration reminder watch is so cool that nobody can see that it also has a special function. Buddy has a digital LED screen and is resistant to splashing water.

  • Easy charging with Micro-USB
  • Available in 6 fun colors
  • Set up to 8 alarms per day
  • Interchangeable straps

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Does your child needs a reminder to go to toilet or to take medication?

Almost potty-trained but still little accidents?

Buddy provides your child with vibration reminders at set times throughout the day. Set-up to 8 alarms per day do remind your child to:

Go to the toilet
Attend music lessons
A reminder
Take medication
Attend soccer training

Buddy has a soft strap and is designed for small wrists.

Colors: black, blue, pink, turquoise, purple and green.
Alarms: Up to 8 alarms per day
rechargeable with Micro-USB

For toilet reminders, set the alarm to vibrate; before the school bell goes, morning , lunch, afternoon and immediately after school ends. No more excuses! “When Buddy starts to vibrate, I need to go to the toilet”


Strap length: 8,6 inch
Size: 0,8 x 0,6 x 0,5 inch
Screen: LED

Please note this watch is not waterproof. It will withstand splashes from hand washing or the rain, but do not submerge this watch in running water, the shower, bath or swimming pool. Resistant to splashing water like rain or washing hands. Do not submerge this watch in running water, the shower, bath or swimming pool.

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