Bedwetting Alarm System


Research has indicated that a bedwetting alarm system with different sounds has a positive influence on helping your child’s bedwetting treatment.

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Changing the tone sounds increases the sensitivity to wake up from the alarm system, and after a certain period of time, wake up from a full bladder. This will help free your child from their bedwetting problems as soon as possible.

The Rodger bedwetting alarm system consists of a transmitter and receiver. The receiver can be put in an electrical outlet, but can also be used with 2x AAA batteries.

The bedwetting alarm system transmitter can easily be attached to the bedwetting sensor briefs by means of two press studs. When losing a few drops of urine, the transmitter will send a signal to the receiver, which will then give a signal chosen by you. There is a choice of 8 different alarm sounds. The volume is adjustable in different levels.

An extra receiver is advisable for your own bedroom or living room. The extra receiver will go off simultaneously with your child’s alarm system, so you can always be of help to your child at the right times.

The bedwetting alarm system is included with a progress chart and stickers. Your child may be rewarded on dry nights. This has a very motivating effect during training.

On the payment page you can choose the option to have Rodger check whether your order is reimbursed by your health insurer.


Color: white
Accu/Battery: Electrical outlet or 2x AAA battery

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This product might be eligible for (partial) reimbursement: Yes


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