Bedwetting alarm training: Tips & Tricks

Bedwetting alarm training: Tips & Tricks

Dear customer,

You received Rodger’s bedwetting alarm a few weeks ago. Hopefully, you will like the bedwetting alarm training and maybe some progress has already been made. Keep it up, you are doing very well!

Tips & tricks
• Praise the child for results, do not punish
• Use the Rodger app for extra motivation
• Don’t expect too much or too soon
• Move the receiver away from the bed so that your child has to get out of bed to turn off the alarm.
• Help the child successfully and with disappointments

Accessories bedwetting alarm
Are you busy with the bedwetting alarm training but are you short of pants? No worries, you can easily order these in our webshop. The sensor briefs are available in different colors and sizes for both boys and girls. Ordered before 3 pm? Tomorrow at home!
Some children sleep so deeply that they cannot hear the sound of the bedwetting alarm. There is a solution especially for deep sleepers: the Rodger vibrating cushion! You plug the cable into the receiver and place the vibrating cushion in the pillowcase. As soon as the sensor briefs get wet, not only will the alarm go off, but the vibrating pad will also start to vibrate. This way your child will wake up and he /she can go to the toilet independently.

Daytime wetting

Clippo Day alarm
In addition to wetting the bed, does your child also suffer from wet wetting? No problem, we have the solution for you! With the Clippo Day alarm you can also train during the day to become toilet trained. A small signal ensures that children know exactly when to go to the toilet. Ideal for school or on the go!

Buddy vibration watch
The Buddy Vibration Watch is not only cool to look at, but also has a special function. With a discreet vibration alarm, your child is silently reminded that it is time to go to the toilet. This cool watch has a comfortable silicone strap and is available in 6 cool colors. Cool to wear!