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Rodger products offer effective solutions to prevent bedwetting. Click on the link below and start ordering one of the many solutions that Rodger has to offer.

  • The most comfortable bedwetting alarm.
  • Rodgers' Bedwetting alarm is Dutch designed.
  • Highest quality, better results.
  • Great connectivity with Rodgers' Sensor briefs
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Popular product categories

In the Rodger shop, you will find various effective solutions to problems with bedwetting and trouser urination. Below is a selection of our popular products, but our shop offers much more! So take a quick look and choose what your child needs.

One of our most popular products are the wetting pants. Our sensor briefs are made of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, but also of blends of different recycled, organic or conventional fibres.

Dry nights?
No problem!
Overcome bed- and pant-wetting? Rodger helps your child get control.

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Dry nights?
No problem!
Overcome bed- and pant-wetting? Rodger helps your child get control.

Best selling Rodger products

Discover more about Rodger products! In the Rodger webshop, you will find various solutions that help to prevent Bed- and daytime wetting.

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Rodger Bedwetting App

With the unique Rodger app you motivate your child to continue following the bedwetting treatment by rewarding him or her with badges and rewards that you can set yourself. This motivation contributes to the success of the bedwetting treatment. You can also keep track of the progress of the treatment with the handy calendar.

  • Download the free Rodger app.
  • Sign in with your email address.
  • Create a profile for your child.
  • Set 9 rewards. For example "Eating pancakes with grandparents".
  • Determine the start date of the bedwetting treatment in the calendar.
  • Consistently fill in your calendar every morning.