Wireless bedwetting alarm

Rodger wireless bedwetting alarm

Does your child suffer from bedwetting? Don't worry, your child is not the only one! With Rodger's wireless bedwetting alarm, bedwetting will soon be a thing of the past. Our wireless bedwetting alarm is easy to use and helps overcome bedwetting problems. With the accompanying bedwetting training and sensor briefs, your child will learn to recognise the urge to go to the toilet. You often notice progress after just a few days and the urination problem is solved within three months.

Rodger draadloze plaswekker

How does the bedwetting alarm work?

The wireless bedwetting alarm consists of a transmitter and receiver. You plug the receiver into a wall socket and attach the transmitter to the Rodger bedwetting sensor briefs. When you lose urine, the transmitter sends a signal to the bedwetting alarm, setting it off. Your child wakes up to go to the toilet and put on clean trousers. This trains your child to recognise the signal of a full bladder.

The Rodger bedwetting alarm has as many as 8 different wake-up sounds with a volume of up to 80 decibels, useful for regular sleepers! Research has shown that an alarm clock with different sounds has a positive impact on urinary alarm training. Changing the wake-up sound increases sensitivity to waking up to the alarm clock and, after some time, also to waking up to a full bladder.


Instruction video

Want to know how the Rodger bewetting alarm works?
Watch the video for more information!

Want to watch more videos? Visit our Rodger YouTube channel.

Rodger bedwetting alarm Starter set

  • transmitter
  • receiver (alarm)
  • 3 sensor briefs (washable)
  • user manual
  • progress chart
  • stickers

Progress Chart and Stickers

The progress chart is a handy and fun way to engage in bedwetting training with your child. If your child has been dry during the night, the child is rewarded with a sticker to put on the calendar. Using this progress chart is very motivating.


If you need support during the bedwetting training or have specific questions, please contact our helpdesk. It can be reached at +31 (0)541-351449 or info@rodger.nl.

In combination with sensor briefs

The Rodger bedwetting alarm is used in combination with the sensor briefs. The sensor briefs are comfortable and available in several colours, such as blue, red, green, lilac and white. They are available for both children and adults.

The sensor briefs are available in the following sizes:
104 - 116 - 128 - 140 - 152 - 164 - 176 - 188
Ladies: L en XL
Gentlemen: L, XL en XXL