Superhero Reward package

Superhero reward package

Save all the rewards on the poster and receive the Rodger Superhero certificate! The motivation and perseverance of the child and you as a parent are the key to the success of the bedwetting training. To boost motivation and make the training more fun, you will receive a poster, a sticker sheet and a certificate with each bedwetting alarm. When your child has earned the certificate? Take a photo and send it to!

How it works?

  • Put the reward poster on the wall of your child's bedroom.
  • Decide together which goal and reward your child wants to earn first.
  • When a goal is achieved, put a sticker on the poster.
  • Have all the rewards been earned? Congratulations, you are a Rodger Superhero! Mum or dad hands over the certificate.
  • Take a picture and send it to

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Rodger Accessories

Vibration Cushion

The vibration cushion is the solution for the deaf and hearing impaired children who do not wake up from an alarm sound.


Urine remover

Finally a product which does what it says! All urine smells and stains will be permanently removed with urine remover Uri-Go!


Extra Accessories

Spare parts that you can use with our products, like an additional receiver, cables, but also stickers for our success calendar.