Sensor briefs

Sensor briefs

Rodger offers several bedwetting products, including the wireless bedwetting alarm. This bedwetting alarm is easy to use and supports overcoming bedwetting problems. With Rodger's wireless bedwetting alarm, bedwetting will soon belong to the past.

The bedwetting alarm consists of a transmitter and receiver. This receiver (the alarm clock) is plugged into the wall socket and the transmitter is attached to our special sensor briefs. There are two press-studs at the top of the Rodger pants. This is where the bedwetting bug transmitter is attached for contact with the bedwetting bug. There are copper sensor wires in the stitching of the trousers. These sensors run differently on the trousers, depending on gender. In case of urine leakage, the sensor sends a signal to the bedwetting alarm, which triggers an alarm and wakes the child. Your child is thus woken up in time to go to the toilet.

Comfortable with a modern design

Rodger sensor briefs are comfortable and have a modern design in different colours that make them indistinguishable from normal underwear. So it's not visible that your child wears sensor briefs.

The blue, red, green, lilac and white sensor briefs can be ordered from our webshop.

Rodger plaswekkerbroekjes

In combination with sensor briefs

The sensor briefs are available for both children and adults. The sensor briefs fit normally. Should your child be in between sizes, we recommend taking the larger size.

Before use, the sensor briefs should be washed at 60 degrees to remove the coating from the sensor threads. This ensures optimal urine detection.

Size chart sensor briefs

Age  waist in cm 1/2 waist EU/NL Fr / Ans  UK / age  USA
3-4 yrs 42-54 22 104 3A-4A 104 /3-4 yrs 4
5-6 yrs 46-58 24 116 5A-6A 116 / 5-6 yrs 6
7-8 yrs 50-62 26 128 7A-8A 128 / 7-8 yrs S
9-10 yrs 54-66 28 140 9A-10A 140 / 9-10 yrs M
11-12 yrs 58-70 30 152 11A-12A 152 / 11-12 yrs L
13-14 yrs 62-76 32 164 13A-14A 164 / 13-14 yrs XL
15-16 yrs 66-82 34 176 15A-16A 176 / 15-16 yrs adult S
16 + yrs 70-90 36 188 17A 188 / 16 + adult M
74-96 L adult L adult L
78-102 XL adult XL adult XL
82-108 XXL adult XXL adult XXL

Washing instructions

Wash at 60 degrees

Do not bleach

Ironing at low temperature

Do not dry clean

Drying at low temperature

For optimal operation and longevity of our products, it is important to use them correctly.

  1. Wash Rodger’s sensor briefs at 60° degrees before use to remove the coating from the sensor threads.
    Stretch the sensor briefs sideways after washing.
  2. Do the sensor briefs become less responsive after a while? Then soak the trousers in a vinegar solution (1 part vinegar: 2 parts water).

All of Rodger’s sensor briefs are made of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, as well as blends of different recycled, organic or conventional fibres.