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Rodger information videos

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Bedwetting treatment information

This animation explains what bedwetting is and how to overcome it with your child using the Rodger bedwetting alarm.

Rodger bedwetting alarm user tips

In this video, we provide user tips for the Rodger bedwetting alarm system. We discuss the most frequently asked questions and their solutions.

Pairing the Rodger bedwetting alarm

How do you pair the Rodger bedwetting alarm with the receiver? In this video, we show you how.

Rodger wireless bedwetting alarm

Rodger wireless bedwetting alarm consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver can be plugged into a wall socket, but can also be battery-operated. The bedwetting alarm works exclusively with Rodger underwear.

Testing the sensor briefs

Make sure everything works in order before you start training. Watch this video to see how you can test the senor briefs.

The vibration cushion

The vibration cushion is a helpfull addition for deep sleepers. The vibrations will even wake up the deepest sleepers.

Simply connect the vibration cushion to the receiver and place it under your child's pillow. When your child starts to wet the bed, the receeiver and vibration cushion will go off.

Rodger Buddy vibrating watch settings (from January 18th, 2023)

In this video, we explain step by step how to charge a Buddy vibrating watch, set the time and alarm. Your child will then be notified in time to go to the toilet.

In this video, we cover the settings with the latest firmware. All Buddy vibrating watches from January 18th, 2023 will come with this firmware.

Amigo Wearable Daytime Wetting Alarm

The Amigo daytime wetting alarm is specially designed to treat daytime wetting and gives your child that extra boost they need to get dry.