Dry and Cool absorbent underwear

Dry and Cool incontinence briefs

Absorbent underwear for kids

Finding absorbent underwear that absorbs accidents and also looks nice is quite a challenge for parents. Our Dry and Cool absorbent underwear is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane which is very comfortable to wear and absorbs well. There is no impermeable plastic in them, which often results in wet outer trousers when there is a larger amount of urine. An additional advantage is that the trousers therefore also do not sound noisy and therefore do not attract attention. The incontinence pants are designed for incontinence, which means they cannot absorb the contents of a fully filled bladder.

The benefits of absorbent underwear

• Suitable for daytime use
• Beautiful design with a little secret
• Sewn-in absorbent layer
• Absorbs approx. 75 ml of liquid (1 to 2 accidents)
• Washable at 60 degrees

Boxers for boys

The boxers for boys come in cool designs and are indistinguishable from normal underwear from the outside. The boxers have a permanently sewn-in absorption layer that collects small bits of urine and drops (approx. 75 ml). Your son will wear a cool and comfortable solution to wetting accidents.

Hipsters for girls

For the girls, we have beautiful, cheerful designs. The briefs and hipsters are indistinguishable from normal underwear. They have a permanently sewn-in absorbent layer that easily absorbs small bits of urine and drops (approx. 75 ml). Your daughter wears beautiful underwear with a little secret.

Daytime use

If your child suffers from daytime wetting, these briefs are a godsend. They are suitable for daytime use and prevent wet (outer) trousers. They look like regular underwear but are specially prepared to mask a small accident without other people around you noticing. The trousers come in different sizes and designs.

Washing tips absorbent underwear

Besides our successful Rodger sensor pants that are used together with the bedwetting alarm against bedwetting, we now also have daytime incontinence pants in our range. These trousers can also be washed at 60 degrees and shrink a maximum of 5%. To keep the incontinence pants in better shape and longer, we recommend not tumble-drying them. To get the best absorbency, the pants should be washed before use.