Daytime wetting

Daytime wetting

Daytime wetting, a minor issue

Most children are potty-trained from about 4-5 years of age, both day and night. But just like some children still suffer from day-or night bedwetting, there also is a small group (often) of 4 to 7-year-olds who still suffer from daytime wetting. Recognizable? Fortunately, the cause of this is usually innocent and you can do something about it: Rodger offers handy products that relieve your child of his daytime-wetting problem within a few weeks!

What causes daytime-wetting

Most children decide for themselves when they want to be potty-trained. This usually starts from about 2-3 years of age. Often this will lead to being potty-trained fairly quickly, but sometimes a child is not able to stop urinating and/or start urinating on time.

Do you experience the same with your child? Then don't get angry! Wetting your pants is very normal at a young age. Especially when you are being potty-trained, accidents still happen on a regular basis. And that's not a bad thing at all! Because let's put it first; your child doesn't (usually) do it on purpose! But what are often the causes of urination?

  1. Play-enuresis: peeing their pants while playing. If your child is completely immersed in his game, he may miss the signals from his bladder and thus forget to pee.
  2. Is your kid just in elementary school? Sometimes he is just (temporarily) too tired to notice his urge to urinate. All those new impressions are of course quite something.
  3. Your kid can't take enough time to pee properly. Because his bladder isn't empty properly, the chance of urinating is increased.
  4. Being grossed out or afraid of a (strange) toilet. Some children don't like to urinate on a strange toilet. There are also children who find the toilet at school too dirty and therefore hold their pee during school hours.
  5. Too little drinking. Because of this there is often a less clear urge to urinate.
  6. A medical cause. Although the chance is small, there may still be a physical cause for not being potty-trained. For example, constipation or an abnormality of the bladder or urinary tract. Therefore, also pay attention to symptoms, such as droplets of leakage of urine all day long, urination more than 8 times or less than 3 times a day, pain in urination or blood in urine, inability to stop urination, a weak ray, etc. Do you recognize any of these symptoms? Then go and see your doctor first!
  7. Your kid just does not see wetting his pants as a problem...

Solutions daytime-wetting

Of course, daytime wetting is a unpleasant experience for your child, especially when he gets older. Even though children usually can't do anything about it, they are often ashamed of it. Or worse, they are bullied by classmates or sports buddies ... Nobody wants this! Luckily Rodger offers help to get rid of the daytime-wetting problem. The Amigo wearable day Alarm and our Buddy vibration watches are lifesavers here!

Amigo wearable wetting alarm

The Amigo wearable wetting alarm offers your child that extra support they need to stay dry during the day. With a small signal, children know exactly when an accident is about to happen. Perfect!

The Clippo is a small wearable bedwetting alarm with a magnetic clip and a cable with a Rodger clip. It is used for daytime -wetting problems. The alarm system (the bedwetting alarm) is attached to the clothing with the magnetic clip. The Rodger clip is snapped onto the snaps of a Rodger sensor briefs.

With just a few drops of urine, the sensor sends a signal to the alarm clock, notifying your child (via sound or vibration) to go to the toilet. This is how you train your child to recognize the signal of a full bladder. This is faster than you think, because within a few weeks your child's daytime -wetting problem will be the bait!

The Amigo wearable wetting alarm consists of:

  • Amigo wearable wetting alarm
  • Cable for connection between Amigo and button
    (only for the button version)
  • Amigo stickers
  • User manual
  • Progress chart

The matching sensor briefs come in various color designs for boys and girls. Indistinguishable from normal underwear. So your child has nothing to be ashamed of!


You can find both the Amigo wearable wetting alarm and the sensor briefs in our webshop.

Absorbent Briefs

Rodger's Dry and Cool absorbent briefs prevent your child from walking around with wet (over)trousers. The trousers have a permanently sewn-in absorbent layer, which catches small bits of urine without any problem. No one can see that an accident has happened!

The absorbent briefs are available for boys and girls. Your son looks good in boxers with cool designs and your daughter proudly wears her slips or hipsters with cheerful prints. In short: nice underwear with a little secret.

Find out more about our absorbent briefs.