Until recently, my daughter was afraid to go to sleepovers with friends. She always struggled with invitations, because how will the others react to a wet bed? This always resulted in awkward situations. This prevented her from doing what she wanted and made her sad. Fortunately, thanks to training with the Rodger bedwetting alarm, she now has dry nights and recently had her first pyjama party at a friend's house and she came home happy.

“She never actually dared to stay over because she was ashamed of bedwetting. I'm so happy for her that she is finally rid of it! She can now stay with a friend just like any other child without worrying.”

Dry nights

What a lovely Sunday morning, we all slept well and sat fresh at the table. Thanks to the Rodger bedwetting alarm, our daughter now wakes up by herself when she has to pee so her bed stays dry and there are no more nocturnal scenes of changing beds, washing and putting on dry clothes. For the whole family, this means undisturbed night's and a good mood! And how about no more extra laundry every day. Surely that will make you happy!

“After more than 8 years of bedwetting every night, now she stays dry every night. And that within two weeks!!! Unbelievable. My daughter is very happy and I'm very proud! Thanks Rodger, Greets Karin”


Finally, we can go on a holiday without all that extra stuff for our child. This year, we even went camping and didn't have to worry about bedwetting or extra laundry. What a difference from previous years: Back then, holidays always produced a lot of tension and extra stress due to bedwetting. The Rodger bedwetting alarm gave us a carefree holiday and our whole family is happy about that!

“It's so nice that now I don't have to worry about the beds on holiday and I have so much space left in the car now that we don't have to bring nappies with us.”

Good advice

As it turned out, my friend was not aware of the existence of a bedwetting alarm to help you get rid of bedwetting. I told her about my experience with the Rodger wireless bedwetting alarm which helped my child to get dry at night within 2 months. My friend's son has a disability but he too eventually got rid of bedwetting with the help of the Rodger bedwetting alarm.

“My friend confided me that her son still wet his bed. But she thought she probably couldn't do anything about it. I told her about the Rodger bedwetting alarm that helped my daughter get rid of bedwetting.”

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