Comfy absorbent underwear

Comfy absorbent underwear

Incontinence underwear for kids

The Comfy pants are the solution for children who suffer from incontinence problems. The absorbent layer captures about 75 ml of urine, protecting your child from unwanted leakage. Comfy pants are available in two cheerful colors and look like normal underwear. The discreet nature and beautiful design of the pants make them ideal to be worn in class, while playing or at the sports club.

Comfy pants are also a useful tool during the bedwetting training. Especially in the beginning, accidents can still happen. By wearing Comfy pants over the sensorpants, a wet bed is prevented. This will be an extra motivational tool for your child, who is on the right track!

The benefits of absorbent underwear

- Suitable for day and night
- Comfy looks like normal underwear, so no one sees it!
- Extra support during potty training.
- Ideal for play dates or sleepovers
- Absorbs approx. 75 ml of fluid
- Can be washed at 60 degrees

All of Rodger’s absorbent underware are made of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, as well as blends of different recycled, organic or conventional fibres.






Weight: 90 grams
Sizes: 104 - 116 - 128 - 140 - 152 - 164
Colors: pink and green
Can be washed at 60 degrees celcius
Material: 95% cotton and 5% polyurethane elastomer
Made in Turkey

Daytime use

When your child suffers from urine leakage, these underpants are a godsend. They are suitable for daytime use and prevent wet (outer) pants. The pants look like regular underwear but are specially prepared to mask a small accident without other people around you noticing. The bottoms come in different sizes and designs.

Washing tips absorbent underwear

In addition to our successful Rodger sensor pants that are used together with the bedwetting alarm against bedwetting, we now also have incontinence pants in our range. These pants can also be washed at 60 degrees and shrink a maximum of 5%. To keep the incontinence pants in better shape and longer beautiful, we recommend not putting them in the dryer. To get the best absorbency, the pants should be washed before use.