Help, my child still wets the bed!

Don't worry, your child is definitely not the only one! Many (younger) children still regularly wet the bed in their sleep, but not every child is a bed-wetter. We really only speak of bedwetting (or: enuresis nocturna) when a child aged five or older wakes up wet at night once or several times a week. Does this apply to your child? A bedwetting alarm in combination with the bedwetting training can help!

What is bedwetting?

This video explains what bedwetting is and how to train it with your child using the Rodger bedwetting alarm.

For more videos about bedwetting, visit our Rodger YouTube channel.

Bedwetting solutions

We understand all too well that both you and your little one would like to get rid of bedwetting as soon as possible. Broken nights because a bed has to be changed in the middle of the night are no fun for anyone! Besides, it's not pleasant for your child either, especially as he or she gets older. Many children are ashamed of it and don't dare go to sleepovers, for example, for fear of wetting the bed.

No worries! Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of bedwetting. The bedwetting products of Rodger provide the help your child needs. We are happy to tell you more about this.

Causes of bedwetting

First, back to the cause. Why do children actually wet their beds? It is often thought that bedwetting is caused by a child drinking too much before bed or sleeping too deeply at night. However, neither is true. Bedwetting also does not often have a medical basis, usually several factors play a role.

In most cases, when children wet their beds it's simply because they are not yet aware that they have to urinate. The brain does not yet pick up the signal of a full bladder, so the urge to urinate is not noticed.

We speak of primary bedwetting if a child has never been dry for more than 6 months. When a child regularly wets the bed again even though it has been dry for an entire period (at least 6 months), we speak of secondary bedwetting. The cause is usually the result of a major event such as divorce, death, moving house, etc. Did you used to suffer from bedwetting? Then you may have passed on your "bedwetting genes", as heredity can also be a cause.

In short: bedwetting is not a disease, but it is a difficult problem.

Bedwetting alarm

Rodger offers several bedwetting products, including the bedwetting alarm. With our wireless bedwetting alarm, bedwetting is history. Our bedwetting alarm is easy to use and helps overcome bedwetting problems.

The bedwetting alarm consists of a transmitter and receiver. You plug this receiver (the alarm clock) into the wall socket and attach the transmitter to a special sensor briefs. In case of wetting the bed, the sensor sends a signal to the bedwetting alarm, setting it off. Your child wakes up in time to go to the toilet.

The Rodger bedwetting alarm has as many as 8 different wake-up sounds with a volume up to 80 decibels. Handy for regular sleepers! It is a simple and child-friendly tool to help win the battle against bedwetting.

Want to know more about our wireless bedwetting alarm? Take a look right here. Or order one of our bedwetting starterkits.