Amigo – The wearable daytime wetting alarm

Amigo – The wearable wetting alarm

The Amigo wearable wetting alarm gives the child the extra support they need to get dry. The Amigo is small and light so it can be easily carried. The wearable wetting alarm is especially great for overcoming daytime wetting.

Daytime wetting treatment

The Amigo wearable wetting alarm has been specially developed to treat daytime wetting. This wetting alarm can be attached by means of a clip to clothes, for example. When urine is lost, the Amigo gives a vibration and/or sound signal, so the child knows he/she has peed and needs to go to the toilet. This trains your child to recognise the signal of a full bladder and the daytime wetting problem will soon be solved.

How does the Amigo wearable wetting alarm work?

This video explains how the Amigo works and how to operate the wearable wetting alarm.

Amigo Wireless

The Amigo Wireless comes with a transmitter. This wireless Amigo is used in combination with the Rodger sensor briefs. This ensures ultimate comfort. The transmitter is attached to the sensor briefs with press-studs. The Amigo goes off when urine enters the sensor briefs.

Amigo Button

The Amigo Button comes with the Rodger cable and can be used with the Rodger sensor briefs. The cable attaches to the snaps of the sensor briefs. The Amigo Button is easy to use and has good connectivity.

The Amigo wearable wetting alarm
consists of:

  • Amigo wearable daytime wetting alarm
  • Cable for connection between Amigo and button
    (only for the Amigo Button)
  • Amigo stickers
  • User manual
  • Progress chart
  • Sticker sheet (rewarding is allowed)

Key to success

Progress is usally noticeable within a few days. The problem of daytime wetting is solved within a few weeks. Perseverance, along with motivation from parent and child, is necessary and the key to success.