Clippo (Rodger day alarm)

Clippo wearable bedwetting alarm

The Clippo consists of a portable small alarm system (5 x 6,5 x 1,5cm) with a magnet clip and a cable with sensor clip. This type is regular used for daytime wetting. The alarm system is connected on the trousers with a wire and magnet clip, the sensor clip is connected with regular underwear. When the child urinates, just a drop, the sensor clip gives a signal to the Clippo system. The child receives the message throughout the alarm sound or/and vibration function from the system. It stays alarming or/and vibrating continuously until the sensor is removed or the alarm is turned off. The child goes to the toilet immediately and is now training the function to recognize the signal for having a full bladder. The child shall stay dry within a few weeks during daytime.

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Clippo wearable day alarm

  • Clippo Alarm System
  • Clip for regular underwear
  • Instruction manual
  • Progress chart
  • Success stickers
  • Small screwdriver for accessing the battery compartment
  • 2 x AAA batteries


Because of hygienic point of view, this Clippo Day Alarm System is not for rent, only to buy. To pay attention to: Most health care insurances are only able to arrange proclamation once, during the whole insurance period. Because of an eventual diminution period possible, buying is rather effective.

Chance of Success

Commonly there is a progress observable within a few days. The problem of daytime wetting is solved within a few weeks. Perseverance is, among motivation from parent and child necessary and are the key to success.