Help, my child still wets the bed!

No need to worry, your child is most definitely not the only one. Lots of (younger) children regularly wet their beds during their sleep, though not every child wets the bed. We only speak of bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, when a child age 5 or above wakes up wet at night once or multiple times per week. Does this apply to your child? A bedwetting alarm in combination with alarm training would be helpful!

What is bedwetting and how do you solve it?

This video explains what bedwetting is and how you can train it together with your child using the Rodger bedwetting alarm.

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Bedwetting solutions

We understand quite well that you and your little one/ want to get rid of bedwetting as soon as possible. Sleepless nights because a child needs its bed changed, are no fun! Next to this issue, children often are ashamed and do not dare to have sleepovers at their friends because they are feared to wet the bed.

Don’t worry! Fortunately, there are several ways to stop bedwetting. The bedwetting solutions from Rodger will meet the needs of your child. We would like to tell you more about this.

What causes bedwetting

First, we go back to the reason why children actually wet their beds. Why does this happen? People mostly think bedwetting is caused by a child drinking too much before going to sleep or sleeping too deep. Neither is true. Bedwetting does not always have a medical basis, often more factors are involved.

In most cases, children wetting the bed is because they are not aware of the fact they need to pee. The brain does not pick up signals of a full bladder, so the need for peeing is not noticed.

With wetting the bed, we are speaking of primary bedwetting when a child has not left his bed dry for 6 months. When a child regularly wets his bed while he has had a dry bed for a while, approximately 6 months, we speak of secondary bedwetting. The cause is mostly due to an (painful) emotional experience like a divorce, death or moving elsewhere. Did you experience problems at an earlier age with bedwetting too? There could be a chance you have carried on those “bedwetting-genes”, inheritance could be causing this too.

Shortly: bedwetting is not a disease, but it is a difficult problem.

A bedwetting alarm

Rodger offers various bedwetting solutions, including the bedwetting alarm. With our wireless bedwetting alarm bedwetting will be old news. Our bedwetting alarm is easy to use and helps overcoming bedwetting problems.

The bedwetting alarm consists of a transmitter and receiver. This receiver, the alarm, is placed in the socket, the transmitter is being placed on a special sensor brief. When urination is detected a sensor sends out a signal to the bedwetting alarm and activates it to go off. Your child will be woken up on time to go to the toilet.

The Rodger bedwetting alarm has 8 different alarm sounds with a volume up to 80db. Comes in handy with deep sleepers! It is an easy and child friendly tool to conquer the battle against bedwetting.

Want to get to know more about our bedwetting alarm? Click here. Or order one of our bedwetting treatment kits

Bedwetting alarm training

You can learn how to pee, but also how not to! With a bedwetting training, your child will learn how to notice the urge to urinate. Of course, Rome is not built in one day, but practice makes perfect! Often you will notice progress after a few days and the peeing problem will be gone within three months.

How does it work? You can read about this here. Or order one of our bedwetting solutions directly.

With Rodger your child will be the master of his own bladder again. We wish u a pleasant night’s rest!