Bedwetting alarm training

Bedwetting alarm training

You can learn how not to pee!

You can learn how to pee, but also how not to! With a bedwetting training, your child will easily learn how to get rid of his bedwetting problem. The motivation and perseverance from your son or daughter and yours as a parent are here the key to success. An average bedwetting training takes up to 2,5 to 3 months unless:

  • Your child is motivated to get rid of his bedwetting problem;
  • The bedwetting alarm is used daily;
  • You as a parent are sufficiently involved.

How does the bedwetting alarm training work?

While going to sleep, the transmitter will be pressed onto the sensor brief by push buttons. When the child pees, the sensors will send out a signal to the receiver which causes the alarm to go off. Your child will finish urinating in the toilet. When finished, a new pair of shorts will be put on including a transmitter. Your child will be able to continue sleeping peacefully. With the next urination, the ritual repeats itself.

Tip: put the receiver on some distance of the bed so your child will have to get out of bed to turn of the alarm. Then you are assured your child is consciously awake.

Order one of our bedwetting solutions directly and try for yourself. Good luck and good night!

Bedwetting alarm training

This video explains how you and your child can overcome bedwetting by training with the Rodger bedwetting alarm.

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