Alarm System & Briefs

Rodger Bedwetting alarm system is the best high-end alarm

The wireless bedwetting alarm system is an easy and effective medical device to solve the bedwetting problem. Your child wears the special Rodger sensor pant containing invisible wires. The receiver should either be placed in the power socket, or can be used easily powered by 2 x AA batteries (holidays, camping). Do not use both electricity through the power socket and batteries at the same time.

  • The most comfortable bedwetting alarm.
  • Rodgers'bedwetting alarm is Dutch designed.
  • Highest quality, better results.
  • Great connectivity with Rodgers'sensor briefs.

The tiny transmitter has to be connected to the special sensor pant through 2 press studs, which makes the detection of a single drop of urine possible. When the transmitter has been triggered by detecting urine, the receiver will keep on beeping until the reset button is pressed. Then the alarm switches off and it is reset again.

This model is equipped with 8 different alarm tones. The user can select either 1 preferred tone or can let the system randomly provide one of the available tones. Statistics prove that an alarm with different tones works has more positive influences to the treatment. Changing the tone sounds increases the sensitivity to stay awake starting urinating. After a while the child wakes automatically from a full bladder.

How does the alarm work?

This video explains how the Rodger bedwetting alarm works and how to operate the bedwetting alarm.

Visit the Rodger YouTube channel for more videos.

Worldwide Shipping

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Rodger Sensor briefs

The Rodger briefs have a modern design in beautiful colors, making them indistinguishable from normal underpants. So it is not visible that your child is wearing sensor briefs. The Rodger briefs make a perfect match with the Rodger Bedwetting Alarm and the Clippo Day Alarm.

The briefs are made of 100% cotton and should be washed in the washing machine (up to 60°C) and are made for the tumble dryer as well (do not hand wash).


If you need guidance during the training or if you have specific questions, please contact our helpdesk. Our help desk is daily available. Call +31(0)541-351449 or send an email to

Progress chart and sticker sheet

The progress chart is a handy and motivating way to stay updated, together with your child, in the process of the treatment. Those are included with the Rodger bedwetting Alarm.

The Bedwetting Alarm system Basic Kit:

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver (alarm with 8 ringtones)
  • User manual
  • 2 Sensor briefs (washable underwear)
  • Progress chart & stickers