Amigo – The wearable wetting alarm

Amigo – The wearable wetting alarm

The Amigo wetting alarm offers the child extra support to become dry during daytime and night. The Amigo is small and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. The Amigo wetting alarm is available in three different types.

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Treatment of bed- and daytime wetting

The Amigo wetting alarm is designed for the treatment of bed- and daytime wetting. The alarm system can be attached to clothing with a magnetic clip. When the child urinates, the Amigo will give a signal through the alarm sound and/or vibration function. The child will start to recognize the feeling of a full bladder and know when to go to the toilet.

How does the Amigo work?

Watch the video to learn more about how the Amigo wetting alarm works. For more videos, go to the Rodger YouTube Channel.

Amigo Wireless

The Amigo Wireless comes with a sensor. The Amigo Wireless is used in combination with the Rodger Sensor Pants, which makes this a very comfortable option. The sensor is attached to the pants with press studs. The alarm of the Amigo sounds when the sensor pants detect urine.

Amigo Button

The Amigo Button comes with the Rodger cable with buttons, and is used in combination with the Rodger Sensor Pants. The cable is attached to the press studs on the sensor pants. The Amigo Button is easy to operate and has a high connectivity.

Amigo Clip

The Amigo Clip comes with a clip cable. The clip can be attached to the outside of the child’s own underwear. As soon as the clip detects urine, the alarm of the Amigo will go off. The Amigo Clip is a budget-friendly solution for bed- and daytime wetting.

Chance of Success

Commonly there is a progress observable within a few days. The problem of daytime wetting is solved within a few weeks. Perseverance is, among motivation from parent and child necessary and are the key to success.