Sometimes we all could use a little extra help. Expand your child's training with the Rodger accessories. Whether your child experiences problems waking up from the alarm sounds or you want an extra motivator in the form of our Super Hero Reward package. But also additional products like an extra receiver, which enables you to help your child in their training. All the extra help Rodger can provide with accessories, you can find on this page.

Vibration Cushion

The vibration cushion is the solution against the bed wetting problem for children who have problems waking up from the alarm sound. Just plug the vibration cushion in the alarm system and place it under your child's pillow.


Extra receiver

The extra receiver can be used in combination with the Rodger bedwetting alarm system for your child. Use it if there must also be an alarm in the master bedroom or living room, so you can help your child with their training.

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A replacement transmitter can be ordered separately and paired with the Rodger bed wetting alarm receiver.

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Hero package, calendar and stickers

Help your child feel motivated with our Hero Package. It is included with the bedwetting alarm system. If you want an extra copy, another calendar or stickers, it can also be ordered separately.

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Mattress Covers

Our mattress covers keep bedding and mattress dry if your child wets the bed during the training with the bedwetting alarm system. The mattress covers are available in two sizes.


Urine Remover

All urine smells and stains will be permanently removed with Uri-Go! It dispels permanent nuisance smells caused by urine, because the micro-organisms break down the fragrances by bonding to the core of the pollution.