Urine Remover

Urine remover Uri-Go

Finally a product which does what it says! 
All urine smells and stains will be permanently removed with Uri-Go!

It is applicable to all places with urine, hard or soft surfaces. It dispels permanent nuisance smells caused by urine, because the micro-organisms break down the fragrances by bonding to the core of the pollution. In this way the pollution decomposes in its entirety. Uri-Go tackles all urine stains and has a pleasant, fresh lemon perfume.

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The Rodger Accessories

Mattress Covers

Our mattress covers keep bedding and mattress dry if the child wets the bed during the training with the bedwetting alarm system.


Vibration Cushion

The vibration cushion is the solution for the deaf and hearing impaired children who do not wake up from an alarm sound.


Onderdelen & Accessoires

Spare parts that you can use with our products, like an additional receiver, cables, but also stickers for our success calendar.

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Disposable Potty

Stress-Free disposable potty solution! Supplied in sets of 2. Certified up to 30 kg load. Suitable for urine, faeces and vomit.