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Rodger 8 alarm vibration reminder watch.
This stylish kid–friendly modern watch is a practical solution to help your child to go the toilet on a regular base during the day. With the vibration function it can even be done in a discrete way. It has a program function for 8 individual times with alarm tone, vibration function or both.
The discretion of this reminder watch is ideal for your child to use at school, to help remember your child to go to the toilet or to take it’s medication. This vibration watch as well has a countdown function and stopwatch. This durable watch is available in many colours and with different watch bands (to buy separately). 

  • Set up to 8 timed reminders
  • Lock the settings to prevent accidental changes
  • Choose vibration, sound alarm or both
  • Comes in 19 stylish colours
  • Exchangeable watch bands and changing tool

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