Finally got rid of our problem

  • Stay over
    “Because she was ashamed of her bedwetting, my daughter actually never dared to stay over at a friend’s house. I am so happy for her that she...
  • Good advice
    “My friend entrusted me that her son is still wetting the bed. She thought there was nothing to do about that. I told her about...
  • Holiday
    "Finally we can go on holiday without all the extra luggage for our child. This year we even went camping with no more worries about wet bedding and...
  • Dry Nights
    "What a lovely Sunday morning, all fresh and well rested having breakfast." Thanks to the Rodger bedwetting alarm system our daughter wakes up by herself when she...

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Rodger BV
Nijverheidstraat 1
7591 BM  Denekamp
The Netherlands

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