“My friend entrusted me that her son is still wetting the bed. She thought there was nothing to do about that. I told her about the Rodger bedwetting alarm system which my daughter used to get rid of her bedwetting.”

goed advies groot

Good advice

It turned out my friend was not ware of the existence of a bedwetting alarm system to assist in getting rid of bedwetting. I told her about my good experience with the Rodger wireless bedwetting alarm system from which my child was dry, during the nights, within 2 months. I showed her how easy the Rodger system works and the progress chart with reward stickers included. There is also an online progress chart available use by the child with games to play as a reward too. That also worked very motivating for him. My girlfriend's son has a disability, but finally it worked for him too! He also got rid of bedwetting with the help of the Rodger bedwetting alarm system.