Helpdesk (F.A.Q.)

Rodger considers quality, service and customer satisfaction as very important. Therefore, we innovate our products and services frequently. By being closely involved with our users and medical authorities in the field of bedwetting, we get more and more insights and knowledge to assist you and your child.
Do you have a question or comment about the delivered products, please check first the following FAQ’s to see if it has already been described. If your question is not listed, please contact our help desk.

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My child does not wake up from the bedwetting system, what should I do?

Almost every child wakes up him or herself hearing the alarm. The volume of the alarm is not always deciding  for the waking up moment from the child. The designing and research company Rodger BV paid a lot of attention to the available and different types of sounds. However, a small number of children do need additional attention. Often is to sleep beside your child in the same bedroom an accurate solution. You are just a second away to help your child wake up after the very first sound of the alarm system. The first seconds are crucial for waking up and hearing the sound. Should you have to come from another room or floor, it could take minutes. Your child is already in a deeper sleep again.

When bed-wetters do not talk about their problem, does this mean they do not suffer from it?

Bed-wetters often feel ashamed about it and have low self-respect due to their bedwetting. Children often feel lonely because of their bedwetting.

Would it help to give my child less to drink after dinner and help him wake up at night to go to the toilet?

Both usually work very counterproductive and unfortunately contribute to further underdevelopment of the urinary system. Although it is advisable not to drink coffee, tea, chocolate milk or carbonated drinks after supper/dinner. Actually, we do not advise you to wake your child at night to go to the toilet. Your child needs to learn to wake up himself having a full bladder. That will usually not be the case when you let him wake up to go to the toilet.

How long will a training period last?

There are children who will be dry within 1 or 2 nights. There are also children who need 3 to 4 months to train.
If there is no progress after 3 months, we advise you to get in contact with your supervisor again. Is there some progress after 3 months though, continue with the 4th month. If the child is still not dry afterwards, please contact your supervisor. If your child is younger than 6 years of age and there is no significant progress after 3 months, you better put the bedwetting alarm system aside for half a year and start again afterwards. Your child is certainly not ready for training yet.

Can you outgrow bedwetting?

If you do not undertake any action against bedwetting, it might be a struggle and problem till adulthood. Each year of bedwetting causes further physical underdevelopment of the bladder and unnecessary embarrassment and emotional pain for the bed-wetter. Approximately 10% till 15% of bed-wetters will get dry themselves annually. This means that from 100 bed-wetters, 85 till 90 persons are still bed-wetters after 1 year! Why should you not help your child to get rid of the bedwetting problem?

Is using medicines a good treatment for solving the bedwetting problem?

Medicines are artificial ways to eliminate the sleep and/or to reduce production of urine.
When treatment has stopped, a relapse is possible since the cause has not been resolved. It is known that the percentage of children which had a relapse after using a bedwetting alarm system, is significantly lower. It certainly can happen that a doctor prescribes medication for specific reasons. This also happens in combination with a bedwetting alarm system.