• “My friend entrusted me that her son is still wetting the bed.

    She thought there was nothing to do about that.

    I told her about the Rodger bedwetting alarm which my daughter used to get rid
    of bedwetting.”

  • “She never dared to stay over at a friend because she was ashamed of her bedwetting.

    I am so happy for her that she finally could!

    Just like all other kids, she now can stay over without worries.”
  • “She goes on school camp.

    For the very first time without diapers and extra bedding.

    For the very first time without worrying about what others think about her and her


Finally got rid of our problem

  • Stay over
    “Because she was ashamed of her bedwetting, my daughter actually never dared to stay over at a friend’s house. I am so happy for her that she...
  • Good advice
    “My friend entrusted me that her son is still wetting the bed. She thought there was nothing to do about that. I told her about...
  • Holiday
    "Finally we can go on holiday without all the extra luggage for our child. This year we even went camping with no more worries about wet bedding and...
  • Dry Nights
    "What a lovely Sunday morning, all fresh and well rested having breakfast." Thanks to the Rodger bedwetting alarm system our daughter wakes up by herself when she...

The Rodger solutions

  • Vibration Watch
    Rodger vibration watch. Rodger 8 alarm vibration reminder watch. This stylish kid–friendly modern watch is a practical solution to help your child to go the toilet...
  • Bedwetting alarm system
    Rodger bedwetting alarm system. The wireless bedwetting alarm system is a simple and pro-children aid to solve the bedwetting problem. Your child wears the special Rodger...
  • Sensor briefs
    Rodger sensor briefs. Our Bedwetting alarm system includes 2 pair of sensor briefs. The briefs are made of 100% cotton and should be washed in the...
  • Clippo (dayalarm)
    Clippo (Rodger dayalarm). The Clippo consists of a portable small alarm system (5 x 6,5 x 1,5cm) with a magnet clip and a cable with sensor...

The Rodger Accessoires

  • Urine remover
    Urine remover Uri-Go. Finally a product which does what it says!All urine smells and stains will be permanently removed with Uri-Go! It is applicable to all places...
  • Vibration cushion
    Vibration cushion.         The vibration cushion is the solution against the bed wetting problem for the deaf and hearing impaired children, and children who do not wake...
  • Extra accessories
    Extra accessories. Spare parts that you can use with our products, like an additional receiver, but also stickers for our success calendar. Extra receiver: It can be...
  • Mattres Pad Cover
    Mattress covers.   Our mattress covers keep bedding and mattress dry if the child wets the bed during the training with the bedwetting alarm system. Mattress cover padd Waterproof...
  • Disposable Potty Tron
    Set of 2 Disposable Potty Tron       Stress-Free disposable potty solution! Supplied in sets of 2. Certified up to 30 kg load. For Ages 1 - 6....


Is it useful to let and help my child go to the toilet at night?

Yes, but it is only useful if your child is completely awake. Otherwise your child shall not learn the difference between pee in the bed or at the toilet. When your child wet’s the bed as well after that extra toilet use at night, then it is not (yet) useful to do.

Is it wise to give my child less glasses to drink in the afternoon?

No, it is not. Although it is wise to give your child good to drink in the mornings. A child that is thirsty in the afternoon or evening did drink too little during the day.

At what age are children potty trained during days and dry during nights?

Most children are potty trained during days when they are 3 or 4 years of age. From the age of 7, most children are dry at nights too.

My child does not wake up from the bedwetting alarm what should I do?

Almost every child wakes up him or herself hearing the alarm. The volume of the alarm is not always deciding  for the waking up moment from the child. The designing and research company Rodger BV paid a lot of attention to the sound and different types of sounds. However, a small number of children do need extra attention and help. An accurate solution often is to sleep a few nights beside your child actually in his or her bedroom. You are a second away to help your child waking up after the very first sound of the alarm system, the first seconds are crucial for waking up and hearing the sound. Should you have to come from another room or floor, it could take minutes and waking up is very hard, because your child sleeps heavily.

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