What is bedwetting?

Bedwetting can best be defined as the uncontrollable urinating while sleeping. When bedwetters are awake, no problems occurs. This in contrast with incontinence patients which wet themselves during both day and night. Although it is not well-known, bedwetting occurs as well frequently during adulthood. Studies have proven that about 1% of adults keep bedwetting. The problem occurs more with men than women. Some of them wet their bed every night and others just now and then.

Bedwetting is not a disease, it is an awkward problem.

For those persons who are troubled with bedwetting, it is very troublesome and far-reaching. The social consequences can be staggering. They feel ashamed and are not open about it. Out of fear of wetting the bed at other places, they do not stay over for the night at friends and family places. Do not dare going on a school camp or having problems entering a relationship.


Because there was often never a physical deviation found, long time, the causes of bedwetting were unclear. In the past, they often thought that mental health problems were the cause, but never any indication found. Research shows that bedwetting can have different causes:

  • There can be physical indications, and the bladder does not work properly
  • Our body normally makes a substance to ensure that the kidneys are able to hold and regulate fluid/urine.
    The ‘not’ bedwetters have that regulated very well and do not produce lots of urine. We guess that bedwetters creates not enough of substance to hold and regulate.
  • Sometimes people have a difficult time to wake up at night en because of that not sensitive for any signal of a full bladder.
  • Probably there is a genetic factor, because bedwetting is more present in certain families then in others.

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Chance of Success

Commonly there is a progress observable within a few days. The problem of daytime wetting is solved within a few weeks. Perseverance is, among motivation from parent and child necessary and are the key to success.