Bedwetting (kopie)

What is Bedwetting?

Bedwetting can best be defined as the uncontrollable urinating while sleeping. When bedwetters are awake, no problems occurs. This in contrast with incontinence patients which wet themselves during both day and night. Although it is not well-known, bedwetting occurs as well frequently during adulthood. Studies have proven that about 1% of adults keep bedwetting. The problem occurs more with men than women. Some of them wet their bed every night and others just  now and then.

Bedwetting is not a disease, it is an awkward problem.

For those persons who are troubled with bedwetting, it is very troublesome and far-reaching. The social consequences can be staggering. They feel ashamed and are not open about it. Out of fear of wetting the bed at other places, they do not stay over for the night at friends and family places. Do not dare going on a school camp or having problems entering a relationship.

Is it a common problem?

It is normal for a baby and children up to about three years, for five-year-old children it is unpleasant and for older children it can become a complete obsession for themselves and for the whole family. At mature age it often disappears by itself, however there are adults who still wet their bed.
More than 15% of all six-year-olds and 5% of the ten-year-olds are not dry at night. For the category between fifteen and eighteen year-olds it is 1.5% by estimation. It is not exactly known how many adults are struggling with this problem, because this issue is a taboo. Bedwetting occurs with boys twice as much as with girls, a clear explanation is not known.

When to start/use treatment?

At first it is important that the one who wets the bed urinates regularly by day. When you drink 6 to 7 glasses per day, it is normal that you urinate about 5 to 6 times by day. It is quite simple to monitor it during 3 days. If the pattern is deviant by day, it is the best to consult with your family doctor.

When there are no (more) problems by day one can try to start with a specific treatment to end bedwetting. You would be well-advised to contact your family or school doctor.
Before you start with the treatment, your doctor will check for other causes.
By young children one starts usually with a treatment only when the child experienced it as a problem and wants to assist the treatment. Only then you have a chance to complete the treatment successfully.

Rate of Success

Frequently after a few days progress will occur and after a matter of weeks the problem is solved. Motivation and perseverance are the key combination, both for the parents and the child.
A successful treatment with the Rodger bedwetting system takes rarely more than 3 months.

A nice gadget is our: online progress chart.

Daytime wetting (kopie)

What is daytime wetting?

Problems with toilet training for urine and / or feces are common and can have a significant impact.  For 4-7 year olds is daytime wetting in about 7% of the children an issue and it is an important psychosocial problem.  The problem may persist into adulthood.  Besides the psychological effect on the welfare of children and their parents, there are also social disadvantages: an untrained child creates extra work and extra costs.

Various studies show, that children when toilet trained by guidance and various  treatments, are dry faster than waiting till the child becomes spontaneously dry.
Most children at the age of 30-36 months are dry during the day and at the age of 36-48 months dry at night.  A child is able to be first dry during nights and after that during the day.
The length of a normal potty training varies from child to child, but you have to invest at least three months of training to learn your child to become dry. The standard toilet training starts first practicing with a potty and then stop using a diaper during the day. Afterwards stop using a diaper overnight.  Before starting, it is important that the child feels open to start potty training.

Daytime wetting, what is the cause?

Many children ignore their bladder signals when they are too engrossed in their game. This can lead to the so called ‘game-enuresis’; the pant wetting during game play.

Sometimes there is a physical cause for pants wetting such as an urinary tract infection. In case of doubt or complaints it is wise to contact your General Practice. Normally, a wet suit is for the child at least as annoying as for yourself. Sometimes at school, children may say your child carries an urine smell, this must be an annoying experience for your child and you too. It is important not to get angry on your child. Your child, in fact, cannot do anything about it.

When to start/use treatment?

If the child becomes not dry automatically, then additional support is required. Please do not start on own initiative with a day alarm system.
It may be a fact, that there is a physical cause for not being dry during the day and then eventual alarm symptoms should be excluded.

Rate of Success

Commonly there is a progress observable within a few days. The problem of daytime wetting is solved within a few weeks. Perseverance is, among motivation from parent and child necessary and are the key to success.


  • 尿床报警系统
    罗杰尿床报警系统     无线尿床报警系统是一种简单专业的孩子帮助系统,以解决尿床问题。您的孩子穿上特殊的带隐形线的罗杰感应内裤。  接收器要么插到墙上插座使用,或放入2节AA电池使用 (外出度假,露营)。不要同时使用插座和电池。  迷你发送器通过2个按钮跟特殊感应内裤连接,以便检测可能的尿滴。 当发送器检测到尿滴被触发信号时,接收器将报警直到按下复位键,这样铃声停止,又处于复位。     罗杰感应内裤   我们的尿床报警系统含2条感应内裤。全棉料,应该机洗 (最高 60°C),也可用于滚筒烘干机 (不要手洗)。     日历卡和拇指贴纸 日历卡是一种方便和激励方式,跟孩子一起保持更新治疗过程的进度。   系统和铃声 这款型号有8种不同铃声。用户可选择要么一种喜欢的铃声,要么让系统随机提供任意一种。统计证实不同铃声的报警对治疗有更积极影响。改变铃声能增加一排尿就醒来的灵敏度。一段时间训后,孩子能够在有尿意时自动醒来。 . 卫生 从卫生角度看,这套尿床报警系统不适用于出租,只用于销售。 这套无线尿床报警系统含: 发送器 接收器 (8种铃声报警) 用户手册 2 条感应内裤(可机洗,不能手洗) 日历卡 & 拇指贴纸 下单尿床报警系统,或选择其中专用套装。 下单尿床报警系统    ...
  • 震动手表
    罗杰8组震动响铃提醒手表 罗杰8组震动响铃提醒手表这款儿童友好型现代手表是基于常规行为,帮助提醒孩子白天上厕所的一种实操解决方法 。震动功能甚至可用离散方法来做。它有8组独立的铃声,震动或两者都有。这款提醒手表的考虑周到性是非常理想让孩子在学校使用,帮助提醒孩子上厕所或吃药。这款震动手表也有倒计时和秒表功能。这款耐用的手表有多种可选颜色,可配不同表带(分开买) 设置8组提醒 锁住设置,防止不小心改变 选择震动,声音或两者 19种组合颜色 可更换的表带和更换工具 下单罗杰震动手表        ...
  • 罗杰感应内裤
    罗杰感应内裤 我们的尿床报警系统含2条感应内裤。全棉面料,只能机洗(最高 60°C) ,也可滚筒烘干 (不要手洗).     下单感应内裤..    ...



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